We are unique because we act as a real estate and development department for the Franchisor with full integration into reporting, processes, and goals.

RPM offers three core services that cater both to individual franchise owners and expanding or emerging brands: Franchisor Growth Planning, and Real Estate and Project Management services for franchisees. These services come packaged or a la carte. By providing an all-encompassing, transparent opening solution, both franchisors and franchisees can concentrate on day-to-day operations and training.


Let RPM Grow Your Brand

Acting as an in-house development team to the franchisor, we are a turnkey real estate & project management solution that eliminates the uncertainty that lies between the license sale and opening day. As specialists in franchisor growth planning, we work with brands to build a foundation for long-term success.

Let RPM Get Your Business Open

We are changing the way franchisees view their projects and breaking barriers that exist with almost all franchisor/franchisee relationships. From budget to timeline, you will never question where your project stands. The innovative RPM Client Dashboard is a Sales-Force-based Mission Control system that provides real-time updates 24/7, Gantt Charts to track the timeline and progress of your project, and customized 42-step Real Estate & 75-step Project Management processes to find and build your most economical and effective locations.

Our services often pay for themselves and more.

By leveraging our purchasing power and experience, we will maximize efficiency, preemptively avoid delays, and get your location(s) up and running on (or under) time and budget.